Friday, December 16, 2005

The Arctic Issue Continues

From John Adams of the Nation Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

"It's the most outrageous scheme yet to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. We have just learned that pro-drilling Senators are sneaking their Arctic drilling measure into the Defense Appropriations bill."


"But some Senators are so shameless in their quest to boost oil company profits that they're willing to exploit the Defense Appropriations bill, which is meant to fund our troops in Iraq and other military needs.Your Senators will be under enormous political pressure to vote Yes on the Defense Appropriations bill no matter what's in it. We're counting on a last-ditch effort by a determined group of senators to filibuster this bill until Arctic drilling is removed. In that case, the oil industry and their allies would have to get over 60 votes to keep drilling in -- something they have never been able to do."

While I lean to the right on many things, I am disgusted by the desire of many republicans (and a few democrats) who want to open up the Alaskan wilderness to save Americans, perhaps, $0.02 per gallon. This bill has already been shot down so now some senators are trying to attach it to another bill that has a strong chance of passing.

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Erik said...

AMEN. But we know the oil companies have these senators (Dems and Repubs) in their pocket so it will happen.

Robert E Wilson said...

An update on Mon. Dec 19.

"Early this morning, the House of Representatives passed a defense spending bill
that includes the Arctic drilling provision. That means our very last hope for
saving the Arctic Refuge is riding on the Senate."

Erik said...

gee I wonder how they will vote

Robert E Wilson said...

It got shot down today. Hooray! The defense bill that it was attached to went down with it of course, that's unfortunate. We need the defense bill without the rider.

Erik said...

By the way if you want to see something really funny I have some of Sen. Stevens from Alaska's quotes on my site