Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I just want to applaud my fellow co-workers. With 2 exceptions, I, being one of them, our company in downtown Los Angeles is comprised entirely of Latinos. I am pleased that every single one of them came in to work yesterday and did his/her job. I'd like to think they realized that they were fortunate to be in this country and not coming in to work would hurt the very company that is supporting their livelihood.

As for those who did not show up for work in order to use the day to protest, you should all be fired. If you are a student and decided to take advantage of the situation and not attend, you should be held back a grade.


Erik said...

I just heard on the radio today that the group who organized the rallies on Monday is now saying that if you got fired, truant slips or faced any payback for missing work/school you go to their website and they will refer them to a lawyer so they can sue.

Robert E Wilson said...

I believe I've made my position clear. What is your opinion about suing over firing people.

Erik said...

In cases like this I believe they should be fired. I agree completely.