Thursday, July 20, 2006

Right Over Wrong

I have removed the link to Erik's site due to a particularly offensive, and ridiculous ad hominem remark he made today, July 20. 2006. He basically stated that all conservatives are racists. Speaking as one of the 99% of conservatives who aren't racists, I won't endorse or contribute to Erik's site until there is an apology to the vast majority of us conservatives who aren't racist.


Erik said...

Again prove me wrong.

Erik said...

The difference between you and me I give proof by conservative talking heads and politions and what they say. And how they act. If you are a baby then you are.

Erik said...

And if you want more proof how the right wing is racist just ask. I have a million quotes I can offer.

Robert E Wilson said...

I am a conservative. You say all conservatives are racist. Therefore, you are calling me a racist. Who is being a baby here?

Do you have the ability to look into each conservative's heart and draw such a conclusion? Again, if you say that all conservatives are racist, you must have this ability.

If, by some small chance you don't have this god-like ability, an apology is in order.

Erik said...

I'm not apologizing for stating facts for what your party and your views stand for and that's what they stand for. And again prove ANYTHING I'm saying about what you and your party representatives say are wrong. You are not. You are only stating sour grapes. WHich is no suprise to me.

Robert E Wilson said...

You want proof? I am a conservative who is not a racist. I know that in my heart a million times more than you possibly can. My wife is a conservative who is not a racist. My brother is a conservative who is not a racist.

There, I proved it. Not all conservatives are racists. I also just proved that you are, in fact: