Thursday, September 07, 2006

Power Rankings - 2006

I always enjoy Fox Sports' and ESPN's NFL power rankings. It's so hard to predict how a new season will end, but I'll try anyways. I'm throwing in my own personal power rankings.

1. Steelers
2. Giants
3. Seahawks
4. Patriots
5. Colts
6. Panthers
7. Bengals
8. Cowboys
9. Broncos
10. Eagles
11. Dolphins
12. Bears
13. Jaguars
14. Buccaneers
15. Cardinals
16. Redskins
17. Rams
18. Chargers
19. Falcons
20. Ravens
21. Vikings
22. Lions
23. Chiefs
24. Titans
25. Bills
26. Texans
27. Jets
28. Raiders
29. Saints
30. Browns
31. 49'ers
32. Packers

My pick for the Superbowl is Steelers over Giants. Anybody else want to throw in their predictions?


Erik said...

Panthers over Ravens. I don't think Pittsburgh will make the playoffs this year in a competitive division as they are in.

Erik said...

And I should say they lost a lot of key players like Bettis and Randle El which long run will hurt them.

Robert E Wilson said...

The Ravens, really?

I realize I'm going on a limb picking the Steelers since repeating is one of the hardest thinggs to do in any sport. All teams lose significant players each offseason. Good teams, like the Patriots in recent years attribute success as much to coaching and the expectation of winning, as much as to talent of individual players.

Of course, anything can happen. For all we really know, the Superbowl could feature the Browns vs. the Packers.

Erik said...

For all we know it could be Rams and Raiders (I know the Raiders won't make it and will be lucky to win 5 games this year.

Robert E Wilson said...

They will have to score in order to win 5 games :). My Rams will have to learn how to score touchdowns if they want to win many more games as well. Right now, they're the "lamest show on turf".