Monday, November 06, 2006

The Democrat's Plan

"That's easy Bill, it can be summed up in three words, we can do better."

Howard Dean when asked by Bill Schaeffer on what the Democrats can offer?

Is this what Bush meant by fuzzy math? This is pretty much all I can expect from Democrats. They criticize and criticize. They attack, and yes, they lie and constantly attempt to mislead the public into believing that Republicans are so evil. You'd think that since Republicans are so wrong in everything, and I mean everything, that they would have some great ideas on how to do things. Do they? If they do, it must be a closely guarded secret because they sure aren't letting us in on their great plans.

Think of it this way. If Democrats have such good ideas and care so much for the country, shouldn't they offer constructive criticism to the Republicans? Shouldn't they say something like, "Hey Republicans! Instead of doing A, you should do B and here is why." Wouldn't they look good doing this? Wouldn't this garner a lot more support than their current plan of bitch, bitch, bitch, and whine, whine, whine?

It's pretty obvious that Democrats don't have a clue. Saying things will be "done better" is not a plan or a strategy. It is a result. Results are easy to say. "Today is going to be a great day" is also a stated result. But how does one make it a "great day"?


Anonymous said...

You expect too much. Republicrats spend too much time and resources bashing each other to really do anything constructive. I think it's because that's what the average American ignorami want; it's more entertaining. Remember Starr vs. Clinton? How about the Thomas vs. Hill fiasco? Unfortunately, this is what the people want. You know, the ones that don't even bother to get off their asses and vote in the first place (the majority of the people in this country) but want the government to DO SOMETHING . Hey, cheap shots make cheap entertainment - the mainstay for most Americans.

Robert E Wilson said...

If the lowest common denominator of the American population isn't voting, why would they pander to them?

Tuesday's results were the result, largely because of Hollywood's criticism of Republicans. Celebrities, such as Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen publicly attack the right. Danny Glover guest starred on ER and his character and his family prayed at the dinner table for God to do away with the governemt that makes wars based on lies. While adults over 30 were divided about 50/50 in the election, younger adults 18-29 were over 60% in favor of Democrats. Of course, this is the very age group that is most impressionable by what these celebrities say.

Anonymous said...

Just because they don't vote, doesn't mean they won't do something about it.

I admit, rioting is a get-nowhere way to go, but that won't stop them if things aren't going the way they want.

Illegal immigrants are not allowed to vote - even though some of them try. Their issues, however, are beginning to dominate many aspects of American elections around the country. The massive amounts of numbers of these non-voting peoples will make more and more impact on what politicians do in the future.

Erik said...

I wish I knew what you were watching. The only people I saw complaining were the right-wingers. If you actually watched you would have seen House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi said way before what she was going to do in the first 100 hours when they took office. And again when the democrats spoke before their ideas Republicans shot them down. All of them or the Republicans made it impossible to pass. Like the minimum wage hike.

Robert E Wilson said...


Illegal immigrants are not allowed to vote but politicians of all parties are cautious about being seen as too militant against illegal immigrants. They fear the rising legal latino voter population, even though, many of them are staunchly against illegal immigration now.

What's Nancy Pelosi to do? If she enacts actions against illegal immigrants, what will the many illegal immigrants who work in her winery for less than minimum wage think?

Erik said...

First something I've said is true and this applies to Democrats and Republicans and everyone in between:

The only way to stop illegal immigaration is to go afte the people who hire them. Whether it's Pelosi (which I haven't heard about) Conrad Burns (I have the story on my site in the archives) or anyone. That's the only way to stop it on the hiring side.

Erik said...

And with your accusation of Pelosi your proof is??

Robert E Wilson said...

Nancy Pelosi's Sour Grapes

Nancy Pelosi: Illegal Alien Employer?

There are articles all over the web about this. Whether her employees are "illegal" is debatable (but it may be true). Pelosi claims to be pro-union yet, she doesn't practice that policy.

Erik said...

Have you seen her votes? She has. Now if she's hiring illegals charges should be brought up against her but if it's false you could be in a world of trouble. And believe me you know I know about making controversial statements.

Robert E Wilson said...

Why would I be in a world of trouble? I didn't exactly make an accusation, it was more of a reference to what other's have said. I personally, don't work at Pelosi's winery so I can't personally verify anything.

You make interpretations and speculate in the very same manner as I do in your blog. This is why I have always taken issue with your use of the words "fact" and "proof". This stuff is always speculative. There are rarely facts.