Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am a Droid

Your Score: Artoo
You scored 62% airiness, 26% squishiness, and 36% edginess!

According to our patented JawamaticTM technology, you are most like Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) in personality.

Artoo, being an astromech droid, favours technical challenges. He's quick-witted and, when called upon, can come up with creative solutions to difficult, complex problems. Artoo is logical, flexible, and ideas-driven.

Artoo is, in a word, eccentric.

(The polar opposite of Artoo-Detoo is See-Threepio.)

The eight profiles are as follows:


Anonymous said...

Somehow......I always knew. I wonder who I am.....

Robert E Wilson said...

Go Here

x-lydia said...

I was Han Solo.