Monday, August 06, 2007

Utterly Ridiculous

Stop the Hatin', Hank

Dr. Todd Boyd, a professor at the University of Southern California calls Henry Aaron a "hater". Henry "Hank" Aaron has been a class act at least since he started playing Major League Baseball in 1954. In 1974, when he was being lambasted for breaking Babe Ruth's all-time home run record, he never said a word about the hate that was bestowed upon him.

Comparing Ruth and Aaron indicates two different players. Ruth compiled his 714 total home runs in bunches. For a 15 year period, he was a holy terror as he hit 666 home runs over that time. Aaron wasn't quite as dangerous per year or at bat as he took 18 years to hit 673 home runs during his prime. Considering he played 8 more games per year, it took Aaron considerably more at bats to accomplish what Ruth did. What gets lost in that it also means Aaron helped his team with his power over a longer period of time.

Dr. Boyd is clueless. He gets into racism. HELLO! Aaron and Bonds are the same race so why would anyone not want Bonds to break Aaron's record due to race? With the language this professor uses (Ebonics?) in the article, he is just pandering. Why ESPN used this article is beyond me.

What floored me even more was what I heard on KABC radio today. Some idiot called in and said that white people still think that Babe Ruth has the home run record. No one I know, of any skin color thinks that. That includes my wife who knows next to nothing about baseball records.

No, I think most people like myself who hate the fact that Bonds is breaking Aaron's record hate it because Bonds is a steroid-using asshole. I hope Alex Rodriguez breaks Bonds record soon.


Erik said...

Remember he has not tested positive for steroids yet. You can't convict him til he does. I hate him cause he treats the fans and the game with disrespect and he's a Giant. All I have to say is remember the Duke Lacrosse team.

Selig had an appropriate reaction as would I had I been there when he hit it. ARod will break the record in about 6 years provided he stays healthy.

One last bit of irony the pitcher who gave up the tying home run was suspended himself for steroids.

Robert E Wilson said...

Barry Bonds told a grand jury that he took BALCO steroids. He also said he thought it was flaxseed oil as that is what his trainer told him. That same trainer is now in jail for refusing to testify.

Barry Bonds used steroids.

OJ Simpson killed Nicole and Ron Goldman.

Michael Vick most likely (although it hasn't been proven yet) participated in dog fighting in his own home.

Oh, and there is no Santa Claus.

Erik said...

No Santa Claus.. Sniff Sniff...

If you can make it come on out Saturday to Corbin I guess they are celebrating my birthday then.

Erik said...

Again he has not to this date tested positive. That's proof.

Robert E Wilson said...

Sorry, it's kind of hard to go to Corbin from Las Vegas. My mother will soon be living in La Verne (abou 20 min. from me) so I won't have to do these monthly Vegas trips, thank god.

Robert E Wilson said...

Oh, and happy birthday. It's actually on Monday, isn't it?