Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stop Them (Please)

I don't care who it is, but somebody please beat the New England Patriots before they go 19-0 and I will never stop hearing Bostonians (and band wagoners) boast about their ultimate season.

I never had anything against the Patriots before this year. They are the team of the decade and I've had great respect for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I've lost much of that respect this season.

No, it's not because of the whole "cheating" thing. I'm sure just about every team does some form of play stealing that the Patriots got caught doing. I am talking about the pouring it on and the stat-padding.

They've been on TV quite a bit this year, obviously. Why do they never take Brady or any of their starters out in the last 5 minutes of the game when it's 42 - 10 or something like that? Why do they go for it on 4th down in these situations? Bellichick is showing he has no respect for the rest of the NFL. This team has no class. They don't deserve the acclaim.

I think Jacksonville has a small chance (really, I do). However, assuming New England wins today, I am looking for Indianapolis to end it next week.


Erik said...

That's hypocritical being a USC fan they have NEVER done run up the score (Rose Bowl)

Erik said...

I'm a Raiders fan and actually have a reason to hate the Patriots (the phantom tuck rule) but several teams had chances to beat New England and didn't. It's not New England's fault they are better then everyone else. Other then the coach you give me examples of how New England is how you say cause I really haven't seen it.

Robert E Wilson said...

No, I am not being hypocritical. It's two different things - College and Pro football. In College, score, margin of victory, and quality of opponent matter. Even with that, Carroll removes his starters at some point in the 4th quarter. USC could have spanked Illinois (and other teams over the past 5 years) a lot more than they did.

Also, you don't see the Trojans go for it on 4th down, run trick plays, or throw bombs to the end zone when they are well up in the 4th quarter. That doesn't mean they sit on the ball either and often their second unit will still score with runs and short passes. You can't expect the players not to play.

Erik said...

So you are saying it's ok for your beloved Trojans to do it but not that New England Patriots. Actually you are being hypocritical. Again all you have to do is review the Rose Bowl to see the Trojans run up the score and have completely inappropriate celebrations. But again it's your team so it's ok. Can't wait to see your response Saturday when the Bruins run it up against the Trojans in basketball.

Like I said it's up to the opposition to stop them.

On my site I am going to have two Super Bowl scenarios you might like.

Robert E Wilson said...

Did you only read the first sentence of my response? Yes it is okay for the Trojans and not the Patriots due to it being College Football.

If the Trojans played like the Patriots and used their starters and opening gameplan throughout the game, the final score would have been something like:

USC 70 Illinois 17.

If the Trojans played like the Patriots in the game against the Bruins in 2005, the score would probably have been:

USC 100 UCLA 19 (instead of 66-19)