Saturday, February 02, 2008

Patriots 49 Giants 17

That's my pick and I'm sticking to it. Every Supebowl, it's the same thing. The sports media tries hard the entire week to convince us that the underdog has a chance.

They are usually wrong.

Of course, I've been mostly wrong this whole season. I would love to be wrong again.


Erik said...

I think it's going to be closer (at least that's where my money will be) but remember they played a few weeks ago and survived. But then again I'm an optimist.

Robert E Wilson said...

I think the Patriots are out to remove any argument about them being the best ever.

Robert E Wilson said...

Well, I've been ill all day and just couldn't sit and watch the entire Superbowl. I did see parts including the end.

Anyways, I'm just trying to find the strength to say congratulations (and thank you) to the Giants.

I guess they're celebrating in New York and Miami tonight.

Erik said...

I want the 72 Dolphins to die already. Patriots at 18-0 were still better then them. I got the spread of the game right but obviously wrong team. At least I won my bet :)

Robert E Wilson said...

I at least had the Giant's score picked right.

There are several teams that I believe were better than the 1972 Dolphins.

1978 Pittsburgh Steelers
1985 Chicago Bears
1989 San Francisco 49'ers
1992 Dallas Cowboys

The '85 Bears in my opinion was the greatest of all time.