Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eriks Simple World

Big Difference

Alright Erik, you asked for it. You called me out in your blog so I will return the favor.

In the simple world of Erik:

  • All Conservatives are racists.

  • All Republicans are psychopaths.

  • If you are against Martin Luther King Day being a national holiday, you are a racist.

  • Republicans are responsible for killing the planet and if you don't think so, you are stupid and don't believe in science.

  • Any reference to an article or a link that has something to do with Erik's point of view establishes Erik's argument as "fact" and "proof" that he is right.

  • Any article that Erik does not agree with is published by a right-wing nut member of a biased conservative media.

  • All Conservatives and Republicans are in lock step with each other so that the actions or statements by one apply to all.

In his black and white, simple views of the world, he attacks my character and wonders why I don't post comments on his blog as often as I used to. Unlike Erik, I see the world as complex. Every issue has many variables and I simply won't break them down to an A vs B point of view. When I do respond to his point A comment, he shoves me over to the full point B because he can't handle the idea that an issue may have more than two sides. If I don't agree with him, I'm a "Bush worshipper" or something like that.

Let's look at some examples:

McCain Security Ousts Reporter

This was a slam-dunk for Erik. Since an ousted reporter happened to be black, that was the reason he was kicked out. Plain and simple since it perfectly fits in with Erik's view that all conservatives are openly racist. McCain must be really stupid too, to commit such an obvious racist act.

O'Reilly to San Francisco

Erik says that a man who killed the Arkansas head of the Democratic Party did so because people like Bill O'Reilly said it's okay. We conservatives all think alike. I wonder who I should kill today? Ann Coulter said I can.

On a similar note, here's another gem from Erik:

"This sick individual who shot and killed two people and wounded others in Tennessee is pathetic but he is in the same mindset as a lot of conservatives"

Yes Erik, there is a big difference between us and it has nothing to do with our politics. I'm not questioning your intelligence but I do accuse you of being mentally lazy. Issues and problems should not be broken down as simply as you want them to.

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Robert E Wilson said...

Got a new one on 8/18/08. Maybe I should collect these.

"Then if you agree with O'Idiot [Bill O'Reilly] you are a murderer."

Pretty outrageous simplicity if you ask me.