Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Congratulations! We all just bought a new car

When it was time to purchase a new car, are you one of those who drove past the Chevy dealership on your way to look at a Honda? Did you read Consumer Reports and decide that you couldn't trust the reliability of a Dodge? Did you purchase a Toyota Yaris because the "Big 3" didn't offer anything competitive? Did you decide on a Nissan 370Z because it appears and feels more modern than a Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger?

Well guess what? Even though you stuck your nose up in the air as you passed by the Saturn dealership, they still got your money. These companies may have not made the cars, SUV's, and trucks you wanted, but you and your children just bought their product anyways thanks to our Federal Government that is so generous with our money.

Not only that, our government is now running General Motors and Chrysler. They dangle billions of dollars in front of their chairmen and quickly pull it back and say "Uh, Uh, Uh, you don't get this unless you do what we tell you to do. Let's start by...oh...how about firing your CEO...That's a good company. Oh, and you too Chrysler. Get together with Fiat and we may just keep you solvent."

Who out there really thinks the Federal Government can run the auto industry successfully? Unfortunately, this is only the beginning.

For those of you who agree with this;

Wake up! We are slowly but surely becoming a Socialist Police State where the Federal Government controls everything!

They're doing this by making us fearful and villifying corporate executives. Corporate executives can be bad but they can be ousted due to poor performance. Once the government comes in, there is almost no way of getting them out.

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