Friday, September 25, 2009

Memoirs of a "Racist"

The Past

Over a year ago, Barack Hussein Obama rode into the Presidential Election campaign and quickly became the Democrat front runner. His confident and powerful voice promising hope and change wooed citizens across the country. The mainstream media swooned over him. Some journalists lost all pretensions of objectivity and almost reported Obama's victories in the primaries with glee.

It all seemed a bit odd to me. When listening to Obama promising to end the war in Iraq, shelf the Bush tax cuts, raise minimum wage, establish universal health care, and deal with countries like Iran and North Korea with a diplomacy-first attitude, I wondered what was so different about him than the other Democrat candidates. Hillary Clinton seemed to have the same agenda and John Edwards was running on a virtually identical platform.

What's more, it was soon revealed that Obama was toting baggage. He had stated that the Constitution was a "flawed" document that was about what the government cannot do. He was friends to Bill Ayers, a radical whose method of protesting government was to bomb buildings. Obama also was a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ headed by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It was revealed that Wright had a very anti-American attitude and blamed the U.S. Government for the 9/11 attacks. Yet Barack Obama referred to Rev. Wright as his "spiritual advisor" and Wright even performed the Obama's wedding ceremony and baptized Barack and Michelle Obama's two daughters.

With Clinton and Edwards having similar agendas but not having anywhere near the potential problems Obama had, one would think that one of them would have been selected as the Democrat candidate of 2008. It didn't happen. Why?

By the way, Barack Obama is half black. That wouldn't have anything to do with it would it? After all, it is the Democrats who are always claiming to be so tolerant and blind to racism so obviously that wasn't the reason.

Yet Bill Clinton seemed to think otherwise as he accused the Obama campaign of playing the "race card". The one-time media darling got basically shunned by the media for making such an accusation. In fact, the mainstream media didn't report on Ayers or Wright. They didn't seem to think it was newsworthy.

If you heard anything about Ayers or Wright, it was most likely from talk radio or Fox news. The Obama supporters decided that Obama was beyond reproach. Anybody who questioned his candidacy or his policies did so without any merit. If the criticism against Obama was without merit, then what motivated those to critique Obama? There could only be one answer: Racism!

Obviously, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and the host of others who daily expressed concern over an Obama Presidency were nothing but racists. They couldn't see the magic in Obama that ordinary people see because they were blinded by racism.

9 Months Later

Obama has shown he meant what he said by a "flawed" Constitution. He bailed out and seized control of failed banks and auto companies - spending billions of taxpayer's money in the process. Call me crazy but federal government control of companies is outright Socialism if I recall. According to the left, I'm not crazy. I'm racist.

Obama is always talking about re-distribution of wealth. Hard-earned money by those who studied, got an education, and worked hard should distribute their wealth to those who didn't but feel they are entitled to the same benefits anyways. I don't think it's fair at all so that makes me a racist.

Similarly, Obama wants Universal Health care. A notion that sounds lovely on paper but has been shown repeatedly to be a failed system. The United States has the best health care system in the world and the statistics support that. Yes, it could be even better but I have every reason to believe that Obama's policies will worsen it and cost us more. I'm told that that sort of thinking is that of a racist.

When traveling abroad, Obama is always apologizing for past actions of the United States. Hey wait a minute! Doesn't that justify and promote more terrorist attacks? Isn't Obama proud of the nation that allowed him to come from humble beginnings and become its leader? Isn't Obama a living testimony to the power of Democracy and our tolerant culture? Apparently not. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for having so many racists like me in the country.

Obama actually told the Arab world "...we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation." Later in the same speech, he called the United States a "Muslim nation". Did he state this for appeasement or was it just an oversight? If it was an oversight, why was it on his teleprompter? For those of us who question Obama's motives concerning the Middle East, we are wrong and should stop judging Obama by the color of his skin.

Obama has waffled on talks with North Korea and Iran. He has stated that these fledgling nuclear powers can be talked with without pre-conditions. Then he's stated otherwise. Do I feel comfortable with a President who is so unsure of how to handle nations like these? No, I don't but that's just the racism talking.

ACORN, the group that supported Obama and registered over a million voters for him has been caught for many illegitimate registrations. Furthermore, recently it was discovered that ACORN is willing to support prostitution of underage girls from El Salvador. Obama claims no knowledge of the goings on at ACORN yet has funded them over $50 million in taxpayer-funded bailout money. The mainstream media does not seem to want to report on this. Something seems fishy here but that must be the racist in me.

What about Iraq? Obama promised an end but that doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon. Where are all the protests against that war that we used to see during the Bush Presidency? Did racists like me quell them?

Obama keeps appointing Czars. One of them is out to suppress Fox News hosts Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, not to mention Rush Limbaugh and others. Media control by the federal government? I find it scary and tyrannical. Apparently racists like them and myself should have no voice.

The bailouts and health care reform will lead to unprecedented deficit spending - something Obama condemned in his campaign. Yet, the only way to deal with it at all would be to raise taxes everywhere - something else Obama said he wouldn't do. Remember what happened to George HW Bush when this happened? But then again, he was a racist like all us conservatives.

Obviously, I have issues with our President. I am being told repeatedly from members of the Democrat Party, the media, and even a fellow blogger that my issues aren't real and that racism is the root of it all. How insulting! Strange how it seems that it is the left that is hung up on Obama's skin color while I feel like I and others who don't trust him are judging him by the content of his character. Strange indeed.


Woman on the Edge said...

I must be a racist too. I remember his saying he was going to end the war. But after election it changed a bit to "He will pull our troops out provided it doesn't worsen the situation." Well good grief what does he think it will do? Do we want another Vietnam? I am a 40 year old white woman married to a 45 year old retired veteran. I am very pro military!! We went in there to help a terrible situation. Look how many lives we have saved with taking out the old regime of Sadaam? I understand some thought processes as lets take care of our own country - I truly do, but if we weren't doing what we were doing right now, we would have 911 every day of the week. I worked for the Federal Government at the Military Processing Station on 911. I heard about it on the radio on the way to work. I mentioned it to a wayyyyyyyyyyy left democrat that I worked with when I got there. Quickly we pulled in a tv so as to keep up on the details and to pray for those involved. I will never forget what she said, " I am glad a republican is in office because we democrats wouldn't do anything about it. At least with a republican the dems won't have to take the blame and go down in history as the man who spent all the countries money on war and put us in to debt. Boy! I wasn't as enlightened then as I am now. And I am sorry that this might sound horrible, but the families of the people who died in the twin towers received a helluva lot more money than the families of the military men and woman who lost their lives defending our freedoms and keeping war off of our own soil. Is that fair?

I have changed Federal Agencies still under military guidence and understand more about the world of politics due to a grad school leadership program I was put into to prepare for management. We spent 10 days in D.C. as part of the year long program. I was conservative before, but this just sealed it for me. D.C. is run by a bunch of young staffers who actually do all of the work. All of it and someone else just puts there name on whatever they are told to sign to get it done. What the..? One of my instructors was very left wing. I knew he was before but I could tell even more when it came to the grading of my final 10 page paper. I had scored perfect scores on all my previous papers. Perfect! and he even used them as examples in class. I was worried as I had not taken one iota of college other than computer courses and here I was taking grad school level courses. I was only a high school educated woman. When it came to my final paper, I rec'd basically a very low C because he didn't agree with my opinions. That is exactly what we were supposed to give - our opinions based on specific topics. Mine was If this is the way our government is working we are in big trouble. Anyway, I am off topic.
Let's talk stimulus. Ok, it's helping people now, but when the money for stimulus runs out and it will, the unemployment will climb to higher mountain peaks that will way surpass what it was previously. And let me say I know that roads need to be fixed, etc etc etc, but hey, I can't go anywhere, litterally anywhere without delays - that may just be a pet peeve but lets plan. I live in a town of 10,000 and there is not one main road in town or hardly a stretch of a mile or two that isn't under construction.
As far as the health care program I agree that changes need to be made, but what he wants is rediculous. My parents are senior citizens, if this will help them, I am all for it. They have worked hard their entire lives. They have medicare but it pays for nothing. You have to have a supplemental insurance with it. My parents are on fixed incomes for pete's sake. They can't afford to pay $500-$1000 a month to be able to get decent care. URGHHH!

I could go on and on and on, but my soap box is starting to collapse. I need to get off before I fall off. I will be checking in on your blog again!

Woman on the Edge said...

I forgot to say that the Dems had Obama bin Laden in their slimy little hands and they let him go. They have also had chances to go after Sadaam and they let him go.

As far as Hillary Clinton running for President. Hey she was already the President of the US of A.

And about Barack - how in the world was he able to get the top secret security clearance he needed as President when he has known ties to a terrorist? I just don't understand. Who did HE have to sleep with for that? And what about all of his given things back that were given to various presidents to the countries that kind enough to give them to us. And what about the lame-o gifts he hands out - DVD's in english when he is in a foreign country besides being just plain dumb, is that what he thinks will be impressive? A DVD? How does that make our country look? I just plain give up!

I must be racist. Mind you, my best friend is black, oh sorry African American, my step daughter is Asian, my brother is gay. I must be racist.

Woman on the Edge said...

Just one more thing. I love Sarah Pallin. She is a typical american from a typical american family. She has a handicapped child and had a teenage daugher who was pregnant. I realize that we don't want to promote teen pregnancy, but Sarah was one of us. Who better to understand the lives of us everyday rustics.

Robert E Wilson said...

Nice to meet a fellow racist. :)

Kidding aside, thank you for your comments. Your insight considering you worked for the government is very interesting. I don't work for the government but I do work with certain government agencies and the thought of giving more money, more power, and more control over our lives to government is frightening. I just don't get why so many want the government to run and regulate things so much. Have they no idea of history?