Monday, January 24, 2011

It's All Global Warming

From ABC News on Jan 21, 2011:

(Linsey Davis)
"If this winter seems especially brutal, scientists say you're right. ABC News contacted 10 climate scientists to ask their take, if an extreme winter like the one we're having is the way of the future. The consensus? Global warming is playing a role by shifting weather patterns in unpredictable ways. Many say the forecast for the future calls for record-breaking precipitation and extreme temperatures year round. And that means winters with more snow."

(Diane Sawyer)
"...millions of people across the East saying enough already with the snow and ice and cold. Another winter storm roared through today. More records were toppled, and it heightened that question: Do the leading scientists now agree that this is global warming? "

Wait a minute!!!  Al Gore and others specifically told us that global warming will cause warmer winters and less precipitation.  I read a lot about global warming and its effects and if I put all the claims stated by "scientists" from various media, I can draw the following conclusions:

  • Warmer than normal temperatures are due to global warming.
  • Colder than normal temperatures are due to global warming.
  • Temperatures that are approximately average for a given area for a given time is proof of global warming.
  • Dry conditions and droughts will be common due to global warming.
  • Heavy precipitation is due to global warming.
  • Places reporting average amounts of precipitation indicate global warming.
  • Ice melting in the Arctic is due to global warming.
  • Ice sheets increasing in size in the Antarctic is proof of global warming.
  • The imminent rise of ocean levels will be an indication of global warming.
  • The ACTUAL non-significant rise of ocean levels is due to global warming.
  • An expected increase in the number of hurricanes and typhoons and the expected increase in their intensity will be proof of global warming.
  • The reality of six consecutive years of a normal or less than normal frequency of hurricanes and typhoons is also a strong indication of global warming.
  • Recent earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan are due to global warming.
The real question is:  Why are so many trying to convince us that disaster is imminent and no matter what the data is, it gets twisted into the same conclusion?

This is something I am exploring this year.  Think about an answer to the question above.  It's not really that hard to find the basic answer.

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