Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Have You Met the Poor?

There's a great scene in the movie Time Bandits where John Cleese, as Robin Hood asks "Have you met the poor?".  He then points to a group of people behind a rope.  The "poor" might as well have been Jews, Eskimos, or Lithuanians.  They were portrayed satirically as a fixed group of people who are in some way different.  However, what seems funny to me is becoming the state of mind of many people, namely Democrats. 

Democrats like to talk about "the poor".  They project how they know their pain and show pity to them for being in such a sorry situation.  They see themselves as the party that cares about "the poor" as opposed to those evil Republicans who support the wealthy.  So I have to ask the question; Does the Democrat Party really care about "the poor"?

The answer is "Yes, they do".

Of course they do.  After all, the majority of poor people are Democrats.  "The poor" represent a win-win for Democrats.  "The poor" are dependent on government for sustenance and this dependence creates more poor people - thus, more Democrats.

If you look at Democrat beliefs -- tax the job-providers to create more unemployment, create more public services, take away guns, government control what we are allowed to eat, how to get medical care, what we are allowed to drive, and how we get our news, they are out to create more poor people dependent on government to run their lives.

Democrats in general (along with some Republicans), give less of their income to charities, make it difficult for employers to hire people, and don't want to punish criminals if they are poor.  In other words, they have no interest in giving opportunities to "the poor" to move out of poverty.  Their wet dream is to have a society of "the poor" that they can service and therefore control.

Have you met "the poor"?  Watch out!  There are those that want you on the other side of that rope.  They're the smiling faces that support "the poor".

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