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An Afternoon with the Great Elderski (Part 1)

On Friday, March 30, 2012, Talk Show Host Larry Elder broadcasted his afternoon show from the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.  I'm a big fan of Mr. Elder as I have been listening to him for 14 years or so.  I decided to take the afternoon off from work and see him broadcast live.  It was totally worth it, although, admittedly, admission was free.
Larry Elder must be the most congenial talk show host you'll ever find.  I believe that many of those who disagree with him politically, like him nevertheless.  He is so good-natured that it's hard to imagine someone strongly disliking him.  Sadly, those who dislike Mr. Elder are those who can benefit the most from his wisdom.  You see, Larry Elder grew up in South Central Los Angeles but due to a strong family upbringing, he doesn't fit the stereotype of a black male who believes he is an oppressed victim.  Because of this, those who follow the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan see Larry Elder as a sellout and therefore, a threat.  Larry Elder, like so many, isn't appreciated in his home community.  Larry Elder is a Libertarian Republican.  He's pragmatic enough to understand that it's best to support the Republican Party in order for his Libertarian beliefs of small, non-intrusive government to survive.

On to the show.  I'm sharing this because although this was in an unusual venue, it was a very typical Larry Elder show and maybe someone will read this and consider listening to him.  The show begins with a rousing round of applause as Mr. Elder walks in and sits down at his station. 

Larry first gets into the Supreme Court and President Barack Obama's health care law.  The Solicitor General did an awful job defending ObamaCare.  He couldn't answer the fundamental question "If it is okay to compel me to buy health insurance, then it's okay to compel me to buy broccoli.  It's okay to compel me to do 45 minutes on my treadmill 3 times a week.   It's okay to compel me to get 6 hours of sleep."  Elder asserts that Obama now wants his law to go down and he wasn't unhappy with his guy's performance.  Why would Obama want it to go down?  Basically, so he can blame Republicans for messing up his landmark legislation. 

Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of law at UC Irvine told Larry in a previous show that the law is legal and "those terrible appointees of the Supreme Court are running down a very good law."  Larry challenges that ObamaCare is so bad and nobody in politics or the media can defend it with anything factual.  So the best thing is, to let it go and blame the Republicans. 

"Obama will bring us together." is what a friend of Larry told him.  How is Obama bringing us together when his health care mandate didn't get a single Republican vote?  What if George W Bush had gone to Iraq without a single Democrat vote?

Doctors don't like ObamaCare.  Doctors represent one of the most respected professions and two-thirds of them believe it will worsen health care and a majority of them will either cut back hours or leave the profession altogether if ObamaCare gets implemented.

Richard Foster, the chief actuator of Medicare shoots down two big assertions of ObamaCare.  One is that it will cut costs.  Two is that one can keep their current plan.

Michael Hilton of the L.A. Times says ObamaCare is unpopular because people are unaware of the benefits.  Elder asks that if this is so, why aren't we hearing about these benefits?  Elder points out that a book titled "Left Turns" by a UCLA professor Tim Groseclose looks at the 20 largest media outlets and 18 of them (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN among them), are left-oriented.  The two right-leaning organizations are the Washington Times and Fox News.  He also references a book by Ben Shapiro called "Prime Time Propaganda" that indicates how much to the left Hollywood is.  So why aren't these organizations telling us how great ObamaCare is?  Answer: they can't because it isn't so wonderful.

Here's the audio:   Larry Elder Show from Reagan Library 1

Larry Elder can be heard Monday through Friday at 3 pm Pacific Time at KABC AM 790.  He can also be heard online at

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