Sunday, June 03, 2012

An Afternoon with the Great Elderski (Part 5)

(Here's the final part.)

Wrapping up the Race Issue
17 black youths detained in Palmdale for beating Latino.  This has hardly been reported.
Obama can stop the racial nonsense by saying “Al, knock it off!” and “Jesse, knock it off”
Obama is all about race.  He says Trayvon could have been his son.  He accused the Cambridge police of acting stupidly without knowledge of the facts.

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Obama.  It was the first time in years that they endorsed a Democrat.  The Tribune stated that “However this election turns out, it will dramatically advance America’s slow progress towards equality and inclusion. On November the 4th, we’re going to elect a President to lead us through a perilous time and restore us a common sense of national purpose.”
Do you think he’s done that?

Larry goes on about the Tribune faulting McCain about a poor choice for his Vice President.
Why is Sarah Palin considered such an inferior running mate when you have Joe Biden?
He plagiarized somebody’s speech while running for President.  He was caught and embarrassed and dropped out.  He told people he graduated at the top half of his law school when he was at the bottom.  He has taken the wrong position about every major issue while in the Senate.  One of the first things he did as a Senator was vote to cut off funding to the South Vietnamese.   This lead to millions being killed and millions of refugees.  Biden threatened to divulge national security secrets because he disapproved of Reagan’s policies.  He voted against the first Iraqi War and was in favor of the second one only to denounce it months later when things weren’t going well.  He’s the one who said Iraq should be broken up into three parts, something the Iraqis did not want.  He was wrong about the duties of what the VP are while Palin was correct.  Of course, Biden thinks j-o-b-s is a three letter word and urged a man in a wheel chair to stand up.
What was that about Sarah Palin again?
Paul Ryan has a new plan which the Chicago Tribune compliments as real leadership.  Buyer’s remorse on endorsing Obama?
Caller Jason has a challenge.  He’ll give Larry a hundred dollars on any case of black on white crime where the black was able to use the “Stand Your Ground” law.  Larry asks what that proves.  Jason goes on to say 1 in 4 GOP members believe Obama’s parents have an illegal marriage because they are not of the same race.  Jason may have a point in his first challenge but that second one is a flat out lie.  He’s making stuff up.
Larry Elder Show from Reagan Library 5

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