Monday, November 05, 2012

The Choice

Today is one day before Election Day, November 6, 2012.  I'm sure everyone living in a swing state will appreciate this as it should mean the end of incessant ads on TV, radio, phone calls, and mailers.  As many (including the candidates, themselves) have said, the choices are clear regarding how you vote for President.

Here is my perspective of what those choices are:

Obama will continue to push expansion of the federal government.  Obama will continually push programs that make decisions for us regarding what and how we should eat, who handles our health care, how and by what means we commute, and how our children should be educated.

Obama believes that the way to solve unemployment is for the government to hire workers to fix and update America's infrastructure.  He will push more stimulus and increase corporate taxes to try to pay for it.  The taxes won't be able to so the deficit and debt will grow.

Obama will not significantly improve the economy.  At best it will stabilize at its current state - leaving 23+ million unemployed.  Obama is not interested in improving the economy at the expense of his other priorities.

Obama will blame the increased deficit and debt on these same corporations and fault them for not agreeing with his "vision". 

Obama wants to severely diminish large and small business in this country.  He wants nationally-run corporations.

Obama will dismiss complaints about high gas prices and high inflation and suggest that this is because we need to embrace "green" technologies.  He will use the bad economy to promote his agenda of taking down the oil companies.  (May I remind you that oil companies hire millions of Americans including geologists, chemists, and other high-end professions.)

Obama will do nothing to alleviate racial tensions in America.  Obama thrives on perpetuating the belief that his opponents are racists.  It gives him a convenient scapegoat whenever he doesn't get his way or if someone disagrees with him.

Obama will continue to allow the U.N. to have more control and diminish America's role in the world.  It is possible that he will allow the U.N. to set policies and laws for United States citizens.

Obama will leave alone any kind of immigration reform as it is too controversial.  Otherwise, he'd have done it the first two years he was in office.

Obama will continue to defend "The Affordable Healthcare Act" and tell you the thousands of dollars more you are paying is not a tax and less than you would have paid if the evil insurance companies had their way.

Romney will bring years of upper-management experience and apply them.  He will start with national energy production and create a significant number of private sector jobs.

Romney's plan of adding private sector jobs will lower unemployment enough to increase the tax revenues needed to start dealing with the deficit and debt.  It will take years to turn this around, though but at least, Romney will address this seriously.

Romney will take a harder line in foreign relations.  Romney believes in "Peace through strength" as opposed to "strength through peace".

Romney, despite what his detractors say, will leave social issues alone for the most part.  He's not some religious-right evangelist as some seem to want to portray him.

The above is in a nutshell, my perspective.  My economic arguments are based on Obama's record and the pitiful GDP numbers we've gotten and the non-improving unemployment rate.  My foreign policy arguments are based on how Obama's handled Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Russia, and of course, Libya. 

I've heard others stating diametric beliefs.  Let me share a few.
  • Romney is a George W. Bush clone.
  • Romney will take command of your "female parts"
  • Romney will put you all in "chains".
  • Romney will put us all in the fields "picking crops".
There are almost no pro-Obama arguments, only anti-Romney arguments.  The only pro-Obama argument I sometimes hear is that the economy is improving and to stick with him.  The economy has shown a sliver of improvement in the past month.  Do you really believe this will continue with the way Obama is?

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