Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dear Youtube Team

I respectively request that the three videos I posted on December 11, 2013 be put back online.  These are the three videos titled "Blanc or Noir? A Sideways Film Analysis" (Parts 1 to 3).  These three videos are an analysis for educational use and should not be in violation of any copyright.  The material used from the movie is intended to educate and promote the film.  I never at any point, claim that the movie is my property in any way nor do I ever portray the movie negatively in any way.  Note that I have posted other similar videos where no such admonishment occured.  These videos have been online at youtube for over two and a half years.

If you do not agree with this, please inform me on what changes are necessary.  Do I need to modify my disclaimer?  Please understand that I have the highest respect for the movies I analyze and understand the effort and money it takes to create full-featured movies and I have no desire to personally profit or inhibit profits to the filmmakers.

I want to point out that today, I went to and searched "Sideways movie" and found at least fourteen other videos that use video and audio from the movie "Sideways".  I don't mean the trailer or the deleted scenes, but actual footage from the movie.  I also found several youtube videos that promoted and linked to illegal sites where one could watch the full movie for free.  I expect that if you continue to find the videos I posted as a violation of youtube policy, then you will consequently remove these other videos as well.  I presume you will have no trouble finding the videos I'm referring to but if you want, I'd be more than happy to provide the links.

Again, I respectfully request that the videos I posted be allowed.

Thank you for your attention,

Robert Wilson

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