Sunday, January 08, 2017

Dear Steve Martin

Dear Steve Martin,

I named my blog after a book of yours so I feel a need to respond to your little "tweet" here.  I read it and see an honest and sincere short tribute to a very well known actress who's life ended tragically too short.

Man, do we live in weird times where people actually find this offensive.  To any "feminist" who found this offensive and is actually reading this, all I can say is you are so off-base here and need to understand the male of the species better.  The beauty of what red-blooded, heterosexual men perceive in women is what we see.  I'm sorry if you find this disturbing but it's who we are, it's not a choice (this sounds familiar, doesn't it?).  I, personally, would not deny something intrinsic in myself just to appease those who think they have the right to define how human beings should behave.

Back to you, Mr. Martin, please don't apologize for anything.  Your words ring true.

As you had often said; "WELL EXCUUUUUUSE MEEEEE!"

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