Monday, February 05, 2007

Postscript: Two Coaches

I don't want to press this issue too much more but I want to follow up on my Two Coaches post. After the game, I switched to ESPN for the analysis. After a brief synopsis of the game, the analysts very quickly got to talking about having a black coach win a Superbowl. They spent a good 10 minutes talking about it - more time, I may add than the time they devoted to anything else. Can we get over this now and move on?

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Erik said...

I am kinda suprised. This is the first time this two black coaches have coached the Super Bowl (and obviously the first one to win it) this is significant. Now I won't go the Jesse Jackson route and say that this is the greatest moment in black athletic history (to me Jesse Owens and Jackie Robinson have that) but this is historic. I'm suprised you take the ho-hum attitude on this but that's your right.