Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Position Available #2

Badly Wanted: A head coach with guts and a success-driven attitude for a badly under-performing football team in St. Louis. This football team has some of the most talented players in the NFL. They feature one of the most cool-headed, accurate and toughest quarterbacks, a young, emerging running back who is also an excellent receiver and blocker. An array of wide-receivers and tight ends with speed and great hands would be at your disposal.

Unfortunately, this team is so poorly coached that they appear utterly inept. This position is available immediately. Hurry and apply before it's too late. Bill Cowher and Marty Shottenheimer would make primary choices but anyone who is fiery, and can plan solid game strategies and not be prone to making sorry-ass excuses would be considered.


Erik said...

Sorry my team sucks too. Your's lacks defense mine lacks talent.

Erik said...

By the way the next two theme nights at Corbin if you are up for any Friday is Royalty night which of course means songs,artists, and artists nicknames with a royal theme. Next month on the 19th will be Rehab night which of course means artists who have been in rehab.

Robert E Wilson said...

Yes, my team lacks defense (although, technically, they are 7th in the NFL right now) but they are averageing 10 points a game. That's bad coaching.

"Next month on the 19th will be Rehab night which of course means artists who have been in rehab."

That leaves it pretty wide open doesn't it? Maybe you should have non-rehab night. Okay, maybe not. I wouldn't want to listen to Pat Boone and the Osmonds all night. :)

Erik said...

Actually I thought I heard he was. By the way since I know how much you hate Weird Al he has a couple of dates coming up at the Greek and the Riverside County Fair.

Erik said...

Pardon me though since I was going to rehab myself (j/k) rehab night is on the 26th