Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October's Best

Now that I've mostly gotten over my depression of the Dodgers' absolute collapse in September, I'll give my fearless picks for October.

Divisional Series
Rockies over Phillies
Diamondbacks over Cubs
Yankees over Indians
Red Sox over Angels

League Championship Series
Rockies over Diamondbacks
Red Sox over Yankees

World Series
Red Sox over Rockies


Erik said...

I'm not over the choke job of the Dodgers and am shocked on the Mets but maybe as a smart man you can explain how the DBacks did so well this year?

Robert E Wilson said...

What do the Diamondbacks, Cubs, Angels, Indians, Yankees, and Red Sox all have that the Dodgers don't? They each have a starting pitcher with the "ace" designation (The Indians arguably have 2). Notice how the Dodgers' fortunes seemed to reflect those of Brad Penny? Unfortunately, Penny is not an ace, he only pitches like an ace in the first half of a season. The Dodgers have a good, emerging lineup but unless they come up with a pitcher who consistently gives quality starts and can win 16 or more games, the Dodgers next year will probably not do all that much better.

As for the other playoff teams (Rockies and Phillies), they got by on adequate pitching and killer lineups. The Dodgers don't have the lineup to pull that off.

Erik said...
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Erik said...

I still don't see the dbacks. Outside of Webb they don't have much.

Erik said...

Robert as a smart man I wonder if you can explain how I came to be on this site:

Cause honestly I really have no idea

Robert E Wilson said...

I'm just happy they only showed your non-nude pictures. That could have ruined my whole week. :)

Robert E Wilson said...

Actually, I'll bet somebody wrote a program to scan myspace pages and collect them. The photo shown is obviously the same one that's on your myspace page.

Erik said...

I think not myspace but imdb. The wording on my profile is exactly the same.

Hell I don't want to see nude pictures of me :)

Robert E Wilson said...

If I may be so unhumble, I didn't do too badly on this one.