Sunday, October 14, 2007

He Assaulted Truth. Now He Gets Awarded for Peace?

When Yasser Arafat received the Nobel Peace prize, the Nobel Peace committee lost all credibility for me. Now they award Al Gore the same award for his opinionated and biased attempt at explaining global warming. Well, at least they're consistent. Gore fudged data, made all sorts of inaccurate statements, and drew conclusions based on very little evidence. Yet, somehow, he gets an Academy award and a Nobel Peace Prize for his attack on the truth.

In a world gone mad, there is a little sanity. In Great Britain, it was ruled that
An Inconvenient Truth, if it is to be shown in schools, must be accompanied by a disclaimer.

Schools must warn of Gore climate film bias

Of course, I already did my own research on this earlier this year.

A Convenient Lie Part 1
I assert that Al Gore created his film for political reasons. I outline his primary arguments.

"The Debate is Over" (A Convenient Lie Part 2)
I point out that there is a huge amount of qualified people who dispute Gore's claims. The debate is hardly over.

The Case for Global Warming (A Convenient Lie Part 3)
I summarize Gore's arguments.

Why It's Wrong (A Convenient Lie Part 4)
There are many holes in Gore's arguments. I go over just a few.

The Truth (A Convenient Lie Part 5)
Global warming is caused by (gasp) the Sun!

Politics vs Science (A Convenient Lie Part 6 - FINAL)
Politicians seem to care more about this issue than scientists. They wouldn't have anything to gain from this fear-mongering, would they?

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